Keith Potger – Morning Melodies

Monday 17 February
Live and Free in the Main Lounge

Keith’s solo performances appeal to audiences for whom his music is a breath of fresh air: the fans who appreciate the man and his
guitar (and boy, can he play that 12 string!).
As a founding member of the internationally famous The Seekers, he is known to countless fans and this is obvious in the welcome given to him by audiences round the world.

Keith’s program contains some old favourites from The Seekers, a touch of Nashville, some beautiful original ballads from his three solo CDs and a few covers of hits from the 1960s to the 1980s that appeal to the generation
who grew up with their folks playing The Seekers albums.

Enjoy a truly special Morning Melodies session with us, this one is certainly not to be missed.

Courtesy bus available (03) 57441911 for bookings.