Focus Well-being & Fitness offer indoor & outdoor personal training sessions, designed to suit individual needs and fitness levels. The trainers will provide a complete support system of motivation, encouragement, education and programming to achieve superior results and lifestyle changes that will last forever.

Our qualified fitness professionals are passionate and dedicated coaches who will assess, program and monitor each client individually. They will introduce a broad range of exercises and training platforms to continually challenge and inspire you and to achieve the best results. Personal training sessions are not necessarily held in the gym! Your program will include consultation, testing of your progress and education for lifestyle changes as well as the fitness regime.

Exercises prescribed to you may include cardio and resistance work in the gym or may take you outside for training in the beautiful surrounds of the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort and wider Yarrawonga / Mulwala area.

Visit Focus Wellbeing and Fitness Centres website for more details and class timetables


Individual personal training is the ultimate work-out. The client
has one-on-one contact with the trainer to receive maximum benefit.
If you enjoy training with others, feel free to train with a companion
and share the enjoyment and benefits of personal training.
Contact us and discuss your personal training needs with one of our qualified trainers.


The team at Focus Well-Being and Fitness can tailor packages to incorporate into conference events held on site.
These can be fun, interactive sessions that everyone will enjoy. Held around the golf course, on the banks of the Murray River in Gorman park or in our fully equipped gym featuring Life Fitness equipment.


Further discounts are applied when purchasing a minimum of 5 sessions. These passes are transferable, have no expiry date and can be used for all gym facilities / services

Purchase 5 x 30 minute session – $130 (saving of $10)
Purchase 10 x 30 minute session – $240 (saving of $40)
Purchase 20 x 30 minute session – $440 (saving of $120)


All guests staying at Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort
are offered complimentary access to the gym facilities.

Adult Casual Session $ 15
Secondary Student $ 7
Tertiary Student $ 10
Apprentice $ 10
Senior Pensioner $ 10
Circuit Fees
Non members $ 10
Member / Current personal training client $ 5


90 seconds on 30 stations – this session gives you a complete body workout. Consisting of boxing, skipping, running, upper & lower body weights, bike, x trainer, hand grinder and loads more. Work as hard as you want or be pushed to achieve an awesome workout. Saturday Morning Circuit is FREE for members.

More than the boring circuit class you may know, we incorporate outdoor training, boxing, TRX, hand weights and a variety of other equipment into this dynamic high intensity workout. This is a tough session designed for those looking for a challenge. This class is strongly encouraged for both men and women with at least a medium level of fitness.

Is a fun, relaxed class which helps with balance, strength and fitness. As we get older we need to keep our bones and muscles strong to prevent injury, maintain flexibility and keep a good level of fitness. Exercise helps prevent illness like heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, back pain and low energy levels to name just a few. This class will help improve your quality of life.

This is a fast paced intensity which incorporates balance, speed, agility, strength and overall fitness. With the use of pads, skipping, basic footwork drills and other forms of boxing technique, the key benefits include: increased fitness levels, reduction in body fat, improved strength, lean muscle fibres, muscular endurance, stress relief and improved confidence.

Spin Classes are a great workout. If you want to Burn 500+ calories per class, tone & shape legs/butts, lose inches, decrease body fat, reduce stress, increase energy & cardio endurance then this class is for you. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Spin is also a great recovery session. Sessions are for 30 minutes. Bookings essential.

Group Fitness is a fun, motivating, highly exhilarating military style indoor / outdoor training program for 1 hour per session, designed to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness. It is intense training that will give you serious results: increased cardio fitness levels, reduced body fat and increased muscle tone.

Similar to our normal group fitness but we encourage mothers to improve their fitness and get back into shape. Weight training, cardio fitness, core strengthening and boxing will help improve and challenge all fitness levels. Focus now has a kids friendly area so mums are more than welcome to bring kids along to these classes under their supervision.

Developed by the US Navy Seals, TRX suspension training is here. A strengthening session uses your own body weight to achieve muscle tone, improved core strength and increased muscle definition in this quick session. TRX incorporates strength training for the entire upper body, lower body and core. The class is strongly advisable for both men and women with at least a medium level of fitness. Numbers limited so bookings are essential.