Update from the President

Following the closure of our Club, I thought it appropriate to update our Members on the position of our business during this unprecedented time.

As you would understand, we have had to stand down our casual staff. Many are accessing their annual leave during this period, and if available, long service leave. It is heartening that our team fully understands the position the club finds itself and I thank them for this. As always, our Management’s door is open to assist and help advise staff that find themselves under personal and financial stress.

Thankfully, the consolidation strategy we put in place two years ago has afforded us with a solid financial base heading into the forced closure. We are in a fortunate position not to be carrying any debt, and as of month-end February 2020, our cash position is very healthy.

We have been working closely with our finance team to understand what subsidies and relief we may be entitled to from the ATO and State and Federal Governments. Any assistance will be most welcome and lessen the dependence on our own resources.

Our CEO, Peter Savy, is working with a small skeleton staff, and the golf, bowls, croquet and gardens will continue to be maintained by small groups of rotating ground staff. We have also cancelled, suspended or postponed all services not required during the shutdown.

While it is unknown how long our doors will need to remain closed, our current position does provide some comfort in our ability to manage the outcomes of this terrible pandemic.

Stay safe.

Gil Cunningham
President, YMGCR