Yarra Golf Cinema: View times and purchase tickets
Yarra Golf Cinema: View times and purchase tickets
Upcoming Entertainment: November 2023 – February 2024
November 2023 - February 2024

Entertainment is heating up at Yarra Golf! 🔥🔥🔥

There’s a huge calendar of music headed for the Yarra Golf lounge this summer, with a mix of incredible artists and bands set to keep the holiday spirit flowing.

November 2023

Friday 3/11: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Saturday 4/11: Les Brazil, 7.30pm
Sunday 5/11: Norm Price, 1.30pm
Friday 10/11: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Sunday 12/11: Steve Bell, 1.30pm
Friday 17/11: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Saturday 18/11: Paul Vedant, 7.30pm
Sunday 19/11: Paris Zachariou, 1.30pm
Friday 24/11: Morning Melodies Anthony Tenace, 11.30am
Friday 24/11: Me and the Girl, 7.30pm
Saturday 25/11: Les Brazil, 7.30pm
Sunday 26/11: Smithers, 1.30pm

December 2023

Saturday 2/12: Steve Bell, 7.30pm
Sunday 3/12: Bruce Poulter, 1.30pm
Friday 8/12: Ray Macartney, 7.30pm
Saturday 9/12: Smithers, 7pm
Friday 15/12: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Saturday 16/12: Norm Price, 7.30pm
Sunday 17/12: Paris Zachariou, 1.30pm
Friday 22/12: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Wednesday 27/12: Ray Macartney, 7.30pm
Thursday 28/12: Steve Bell, 7.30pm
Friday 29/12: Morning Melodies, Anthony Tenace 11.30am
Friday 29/12: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Saturday 30/12: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Sunday 31/12: New Years Eve, Paul Vedant, 6pm
Sunday 31/12: New Years Eve, Recall the 80s, 8.30pm

January 2024

Monday 1/01: Norm Price, 7.30pm
Tuesday 2/01: Scott & Amanda, 7.30pm
Wednesday 3/01: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Thursday 4/01: Paul Vedant, 7.30pm
Friday 5/01: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Saturday 6/01: Me and the Girl, 7.30pm
Sunday 7/01: Bruce Poulter, 1.30pm
Friday 12/01: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Saturday 13/01: Paul Vedant, 7.30pm
Sunday 14/01: Norm Price, 1.30pm
Friday 19/01: Morning Melodies, Ray Macartney, 11.30am
Friday 19/01: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Saturday 20/01: Scott & Amanda, 7.30pm
Sunday 21/01: Smithers, 1.30pm
Friday 26/01: Me and the Girl, 7.30pm
Saturday 27/01: Paul Vedant, 7.30pm

February 2024

Friday 2/02: Daine Runnalls, 7.30pm
Saturday 3/02: Paul Vedant, 7.30pm
Sunday 4/02: Bruce Poulter, 1.30pm
Friday 9/02: Jade Camden, 7.30pm
Saturday 10/02: Me and the Girl, 7.30pm
Saturday 17/02: Ray Macartney, 7.30pm
Friday 23/02: Morning Melodies, Steve Bell, 11.30am